Sunday, May 2, 2010

Spring/Summer 2010 Fashion Trends I can't wait to RoCk!

Hot pants & boy shorts

Hotpants and boy shorts If ever there was a time to hit the gym, it's this Spring. Hemlines have crept up to shorter than short; in fact reaching the negative. Hot pants, boy shorts, and tap pants are all variations on this shorter-than-short style, which in many cases reveal more than just one's legs. Click to read more about the hot pants trend.

See-through and sheer fabrics trend

Sheer fabric In Spring and Summer fashion tends to get a little more revealing; we blame it on the heat, and one's desire to show off. So in 2009 turn to the sheer / see-through trend to keep you cool yet sexy. 2009/2010's sheer pieces are a mixture of the soft and feminine, to the opposite extremes of the hardcore sex-kitten. Click for more on the see-through/sheer/nude fashion trend.

Sci-fi and Futurism

Sci fi and futurism The dawn of a new decade brings forward-projecting thoughts which reflect in many a designer's work in 2010. From the dark depths of dystopia to the possibilities of evolution, sci-fi finds its way into fashion in various forms, as do re-interpretations of traditional futurist concepts. Click for more on science fiction and futuristic fashion.

Jumpsuits & playsuits

playsuits and rompers Every so often, one-piece styles of clothing have a revival. What started with bodysuits and leotards is now becoming a fully-fledged trend towards jumpsuits, playsuits, and rompers. As a unique style for Spring 2010, they won't be for everyone, but they will offer more options than you'd think. Click to read more about the jumpsuits and playsuits trend.

Sportswear: sporty clothing

Sporty clothing Sportswear takes on a whole new level of cool when it hits trend status in 2010. Football inspirations turn tomboy chic to sexy yet effortless looks; while Bond girl scuba inspired clothing is the pinnacle of sporty bombshell. Dance and 20s inspired tennis looks also feature in our comprehensive look at sporty clothing in 2010. Click for more on sportswear fashion.

Future warrior

Warrior fashion trend The military and tribal trends collide to become this fierce fashion trend. Ancient civilisations come to life in leather tunics, metal plating, and war paint. Unequivocally fearless and with room for endless creativity, the main criteria for the modern warrior is confidence. Click to read more about the warrior trend.

Knee high & over the knee socks

knee high and over knee socks Knee high socks - as well as over-the-knee and thigh high socks - are back as a trend, and the options on how to wear them are many. From the sporty to the sparkly, to layerings of socks over tights; a great pair of socks can add volumes to an outfit. Click to read more about the knee high socks trend and how to wear it.

Boyfriend blazers

Boyfriend blazer fashion trend Continuing to be a wardrobe staple for Spring/Summer 2010, the "boyfriend" blazer is a simple way to look chic whether on a fresh Spring day or mild a Summer's night. A slightly oversized jacket or blazer, sleeves rolled up, is the pinnacle of relaxed cool. Click to read more about the boyfriend blazer trend and how to wear it.

Ripped jeans and torn denim trend

Torn denim 2009 Just when you thought they would never return... ripped jeans are back. Starting in 2008 with a horde of sexed-up editorial shoots and celebrity sightings, those torn denim shorts and shredded jeans are hitting the streets. Ripped denim in 2009 is certainly sexy and revealing - possibly more than ever. Click here to read more on the 2009 take on ripped denim.

Women's Accessory Trends for Spring 2010

Two accessory trends have caught our eye for Spring 2010: the latter is more suited to print (and the more confident fashioniser) while the former is the toned down version perfect for everyday wear.

Bow headbands

Hair bows Oversized and attention grabbing, bows in 2010 come in many styles and forms. They can be cutesy or pretty, without a doubt - but there's also room for attitude and quirkiness too. Marc by Marc Jacobs, Luella, and Temperley all sported bows on their Spring 2010 runways. Click for more on bow headbands.

Bunny ears

Bunny Ears fashion trend Headbands take a quirky turn with this unique micro-trend. Bunny ears, Mickey Mouse ears, and oversized bows are all styles which fit this vintage-sex-kitten meets sugar sweet girl-next-door look. This trend is a definite favourite for editorials and shoots; but that doesn't mean it can't work on the streets. Click to read more about the bunny ears trend.


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